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Workshops, Presentations & Consulting to Empower & Inspire

Hi, I'm Sarah.

With almost 15 years experience in consulting and leadership positions at corporate organisations across Australia, the UK, Europe and North America, I understand what is required to succeed in a global marketplace.

I also understand how common it is for burn-out, anxiety and sub-optimal health to affect great employees.

My obsession with natural health has led me to work with individuals and businesses to improve their baseline health. I present all of the things that I wish that I knew before I burnt out; to inspire and support others to improve their health, career and life. 

What makes me a little bit different is that alongside my corporate experience in Technology, I am both a Naturopath and Kinesiologist. I love exploring the energetic and subconscious aspects to health. I specialise in consulting, coaching, speaking and mentoring. 

Please feel free to explore my website to discover how I can help make a positive impact in your world.

Natural Health Science

Empowering your workplace with the latest evidence-based information on Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Lifestyle Modifications to:

+ Improve Resilience, Morale and Productivity

+ Reduce Stress Levels, Days of Sickness and Rates of Absenteesim

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Practitioner Only | The Difference

As a fully insured Naturopath registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association, I am also able to offer the following services to your team members:

Personalised Advice


Online or at your workplace Clinical Nutrition
Herbal Medicine
Lifestyle Advice
Flower Essences

Pathology Testing

Scientific Laboratories

IgG & IgE Immune Response
Heavy Metal Testing
Microbiome Analysis
Cortisol Levels
Hormonal Profiles


Traditional & Evidence-Based

Nail Analysis
Tongue Analysis
Zinc Tally Testing
Nutritional Analysis


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